How To Scale With Uniplaces, Aptoide and Talkdesk

By April 17, 2018 ScaleUp

How To Scale With Uniplaces, Aptoide and Talkdesk

Ep.2 of ScaleUp Heroes | #Topic: Scaling Product

“We bring the best minds with the best real-life experiences when it comes to scaling up businesses. These are the heroes who took on the difficult odds and lived to tell the tale”

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Host: Randy Cantrell 
Moderator: André Albuquerque, Head of Product at Uniplaces 
Panelist: Manuel Braga, Product Manager at Aptoide App Store
Panelist: Pedro Bastos, Product Manager at Talkdesk

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Scaling a product is the process of expanding the capabilities and quality of the delivered product as well as increasing the range and the amount of consumers for the product itself.

When a company grows with a product, each level of communication needs to be arranged according to the scale of the management and staff. The biggest challenge in scaling up is to have the communications grow properly with the expanding team and product.

Data on products and sales is vital to the marketing of a product on an international scale. A sales team is responsible for registering every data in order to figure out the adjustments required for the best product sales results.

As the product gets bigger, the pressure from the market increases. Maintaining the quality of a product as it scales really depends on how the teams are managed. The retention of your employees is an equally important aspect as having people who understands the product itself leads to a great deal in effective actions being taken towards improving the product.

In scaling, improvements are driven by community and client feedback. Having input on a product from its end users is one of the best assets of information that can help with product progression. Having the right data gives you the potential to build the right roadmap for the company.

The process of defining the priority of actions to be taken starts with the understanding the need of a single voice and correlating it to the need of the voices of the many. You can achieve a larger base customer satisfaction numbers when your priorities are set right.

Team communications in different regions is a big challenge due to the time zone differences. Try your best to be clear and concise when it comes to communicating over different time zones with your teams. This prevents unnecessary back-and-forth conversations between the two parties that would likely delay progress.

Lastly, working with people who have the same passion and work belief is a must for running a successful product. For a company to be at its best, it’s important to retain the culture when the company scales accordingly. This ensures that the whole organization would have a unified drive to deliver their product.