How to Scale Sales with Sana Commerce, Talkdesk, Aptoide and Zeitgold

By May 11, 2018 ScaleUp

How to Scale Sales with Sana Commerce, Talkdesk, Aptoide and Zeitgold

Ep.5 of ScaleUp Heroes | #Topic: Scaling Sales

“We bring the best minds with the best real-life experiences when it comes to scaling up businesses. These are the heroes who took on the difficult odds and lived to tell the tale”

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Host: Randy Cantrell
Moderator: Tommy Taylor, Manager Sales Operations at Sana Commerce
Panelist: Spencer Wiedeman, EMEA Sales Manager at Talkdesk
Panelist: Pedro Almeida, VP of Strategy & Monetization at Aptoide Panelist: Joachim Kaupenjohann, Head of Sales at Zeitgold

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Scaling sales is a challenging aspect of growth for every company as the phase of scaling in whole takes various factors and current situations in account. The main focus in scaling in general is to improve the effectiveness of teams in a growing sales environment.

In retrospect, ever increasing sales would drive a company to spread their influence across different countries or regions. Moving from a reactive focused sales strategy to a proactive method of handling sales is encouraged in this situation after determining the ideal customer profile.

Inbound and outbound marketing also plays a roll in the growth of sales. They are prioritized according to the details of the sales being done by a company. Processing the information of the sales is required to determine the specific focus on either inbound or outbound marketing that would result in the best outcome.

In reaching a peak point where the sales requirements overshadow the capabilities of the internal team, outsourcing will be a great way to temporarily manage the overflow of work required in achieving the optimum sales performance but it is most likely not the best solution to stay on for a long term plan.

The internal staff should be brought up to handle the current new requirements to encourage company growth and decrease the dependency on external talents for long periods of time.

In a nutshell, each strategy implemented towards driving sales has to take in account for the ability of the teams to handle the exponential amount of work that increases with the better sales statistic. Not to forget that with each company or organization there are different factors for sales or different preferences of the general target sales audience to properly increase the overall effectiveness of the team.