How to Scale Product with Jodel, iBanFirst, and Peakon

By May 28, 2018 ScaleUp

How to Scale Product with Jodel, iBanFirst, and Peakon

Ep.7 of ScaleUp Heroes | #Topic: Scaling Product

“We bring the best minds with the best real-life experiences when it comes to scaling up businesses. These are the heroes who took on the difficult odds and lived to tell the tale”

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Host: Randy Cantrell
Moderator: Alexander Linewitsch, Head of Product at Jodel
Panelist: Geoffroy de La Rochebrochard, Head of Product at iBanFirst (Paris)
Panelist: Mads Viktor, Head of Design at Peakon (Copenhagen)

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Scaling products is challenging when taking the aspect of staff management into consideration and even more so in regards to the distribution, acquisition and retention of manpower.

At Peakon, we believe a lot in specialization but we also believe in branching people out into different fields as well as keeping their interest in line with the task arrangement. The staff has been given the opportunity to branch out in different sectors of work to keep them interested in their work and help them grow as well.

When scaling your product, there are still some core players that retain their key roles such as the lead technician or lead designer. This is vital for a coordinated upbringing when scaling up so that there will be less of a chance of catastrophic production line failure. Key roles need to help keep the people under them in check as to what they’re doing and make sure progress proceeds properly.

Other than that, scaling services has been a big challenge when you’re assigning the same set of people onto the project every single time. Moral plays a vital role as the motivation of the team directly relates to their output and their ability to be efficient and remain comfortable with their line of work.

Deadlines should not be neglected when handling a flexible team. The department level up to the management level must have a prioritized scheduled that is in sync with everyone from the lowest level of management to the top. Efficiency when scaling will be determined by how synchronized the whole company is and how disciplined they are with prioritization.

Problem solving is another key aspect of scaling a product. When a product or service is expanded, problem solving usually becomes drowned out by work mentality as the team has their focus on output rather than efficiency. Keeping problem solving as a part of their workflow helps them iron out minor bumps in the work line to help the team be as effective as they can.

In a nutshell, the highest priority should be the effectiveness of team(s) when dealing with product scaling. Everything that has to do with improving the team in details such as talent acquisition and management handling plays a large role in helping the company perform consistently as the product and teams scale together.