Why is ScaleUp Academy the option when it comes to leadership development? Here are 3 reasons!

By November 9, 2018 ScaleUp

Why is ScaleUp Academy the option when it comes to leadership development? Here are 3 reasons!

The idea is good, solves a clear problem, the product attracts the market´s attention and delights customers. Sales start increasing, team grows, and the expansion is right there in the horizon. Do you recognise this narrative? If your answer is “YES”, you know what comes next. As the team grows, the best professionals climb to leadership positions and a new set of skills is required from them. The growth suddenly slows down and we feel a lack of alignment on the team. That´s the moment when ScaleUp Academy enters the scene, bringing a solution to the table that develops leadership and gets the team aligned. But why is ScaleUp Academy the option to consider? Well, here are 3 reasons:

1. A world-wide proven and bullet-proof leadership framework

ScaleUp Academy approach is based on a-learn-by-doing process. We started this journey learning with Verne Harnish, also known as “The Growth Guy”. Verne created the Gazelles methodology, and after an intense learning process, we are certified to help companies, especially venture-backed businesses, to scale up and develop leadership with this framework.

Based on 4 axes — Strategy, People, Execution and Cash, the framework is applied in the best companies across the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. This methodology is our guide in the ScaleUp Academy Workshops or in the long-term Leadership Program. Our diagnosis is deep and totally personalised. This, in fact, produces the same results in different uses of the same methodology.

Attached to the framework, obviously comes the outputs. This is a methodology strongly oriented to results and as some examples of the side effects of its implementation, we would highlight: the leadership team totally focused and aligned, a faster speed of execution or a perfect articulation of the strategy in the different organisation levels.

2. Exclusive access to some of the best leaders in the world

Scaling up is hard and the numbers prove it: 4% of the companies pass 1M$ in revenues, 0.4% the 10M$ mark and only under 0.04% achieve the 100M$. The odds are against us on the mission to develop leadership and help companies overcome the scaleup valley, but you should take in consideration that some of the best leaders in the world are on our side.

We have an active presence in all the continents of the world and we are proud to count with the support and know-how of experts working in corporate giants like LinkedIn, Google, Hello Fresh, Reddit, Delivery Hero, Dropbox, Facebook, Slack, Zoom, Zalando, Trivago, Twitter, Farfetch, Crunchbase, Xing, Skyscanner, Airbnb, Paypal, Gocardless, Cabify, among others.

In fact, this is much more than a support declaration from these experts in product, engineering, people, sales, and other key areas in different industries. We are always evolving our approach, and by involving guest mentors on our ScaleUp Heroes Podcast episodes or exclusive online Talks and Q&A, we are refining our interaction with companies and discovering new solutions to help them develop their leadership teams and get the teams aligned.

3. A unique community that seeks continuous learning

We are much more than a company and our passion for leadership development and the scale up process is expressed in our community. The weekly episodes of the ScaleUp Heroes Podcast, the regular online Talks and Q&A (with access limited by invitation or referral from our community) and the relevant articles that we proudly launch, integrating the tips from our guest mentors, builds a vibrant community that shows an impressive thirst for knowledge and new learnings.

This peer-to-peer learning is the genesis of our company and we truly believe in sharing as a highway to improve every single day. Our community is without any doubt, a great part of what we represent to the market and already opened doors for the ScaleUp Academy, as well as its members.

If you still have doubts after reading this, don´t be shy and direct message us on Facebook or to info@scaleupacademy.io. We would also be very happy to have you joining the ScaleUp Academy community by subscribing to our newsletter. In the end, we are just curious people with a clear mission in our mind: to help companies overcome the scaleup valley, by developing leadership and getting teams aligned.