How to strike the perfect ‘marketing-mix’ while scaling your marketing strategy

By February 9, 2019 ScaleUp Heroes

While brand messaging remains a key asset for developing a growing business, no formula can capture the continuously shifting landscape of marketing strategy. Thus, a successful ‘marketing- mix’ becomes increasingly more complex as companies vie for market space.

Looking for today’s top strategies for marketing teams to scaleup alongside their companies, this week’s episode of Scaleup Heroes Podcast explores how growing businesses can best serve to scale marketing teams — while also using other teams to their advantage.

Ryan Foland of Influence Tree(in the role of host), Dave Dabbah of (in the role of moderator), Philipp Blankenagel of Solaris Bank, and Ian Macleod of Triptease (as panelists) share how to strike this perfect marketing-mix while scaling up your business: starting with building your team from the ground up.

Establishing processes that allow your team to grow

We can all agree that a successful marketing strategy starts with a strong base of tenacious and driven people, who can create buzz surrounding your business. Flexibility and creativity get you a long way, especially when competing with bigger companies, and your team shouldn’t be afraid of discovering unorthodox ways of getting your brand message discovered.

But how can we first ensure that we’re setting our marketing team up for success, particularly once we start scaling up? Both Philipp Blankenagel and Ian Mcleod agree that establishing strong planning structures allows for your marketing strategy to grow as your business does.

If the startup stage is about discovering new ways to get people to hear about your company, the scaleup stage is about guaranteeing that you can replicate the process. This means transitioning from ad-hoc work to long-term planning — a major challenge for marketing teams with a wide variety of small tasks to cover.

To accomplish this, Ian and his team at Triptease strive for yearly marketing strategy planning with quarterly execution planning. Similarly, Philipp recently implemented the OKR model to align his team at Solaris Bank with their quarterly goals.

As companies scale, the amount of material to market does the same. Without processes for managing and measuring the impact of the workload, your marketing strategy will have nowhere to grow.

Getting a wide variety of people talking about your brand

Taking the conversation one step further: what marketing strategies are actually working? Our panel was quick to agree that a top way to sell a brand today is through your team.

Ryan Foland describes the ‘marketing-mix’ as finding a balance between developing successful brand messaging and sharing your brand through your team. By using voices from customer success or sales in your marketing, you’re not only offering them professional development but also personal branding and growth.

Plus, putting a variety of representatives in front of audiences to become brand advocates establishes a positive outward image while fostering a positive environment for engaging within the organization.

These marketing strategy tips and more are available on the whole episode of ScaleUp Heroes Podcast. Keep listening and keep scaling. The next episode goes live on Monday. And if you want to know more about ScaleUp Academy initiatives, calendar and purpose, join our community by subscribing to the ScaleUp Academy newsletter.