Align sales and marketing with the account based marketing approach of Terminus

By February 23, 2019 Marketing

The potential for running an account based marketing campaign for your scaling business is huge when executed correctly. While picking accounts, channels, and intents is a challenge, you may actually find that the most difficult part of the activation is getting your sales and marketing team on the same page.

Torrey Dye, Director of ABM and Demand Generation at Terminus, is familiar with how this friction comes to be. Since Terminus is an account based marketing platform that helps brands achieve quality growth, he has become an expert in bridging marketing and sales to produce a successful multi-channel high-touch account based marketing program.

In a recent Q&A discussion, Dye shared with scaleup panellists exactly how to create an ABM program that both marketing and sales can feel proud of.

First, find your account based marketing campaign formula

At Terminus, they have the fun — and advantage — of selling an account based marketing product with their own program. But any scaleup can take their learnings and apply it to their own campaign.

According to Dye, the formula for a strong account based marketing program begins with prioritizing your account list by fit. They pick about 1,000 target accounts per quarter, or about 100 per SDR, all running for at least a 6-month program. For a tip to get your sales team on board if they aren’t already, Dye advises picking key accounts that will really peak and hold their interest.

In the past at this point, Terminus would tier their accounts — but found that their opportunity goals were much higher than what appeared in the tiers. So scrapping this model, they now segment these accounts by firmographics and intent. Then finally, they take action on engagement, while keeping in mind that engagement has to be built.

From here, their account based marketing campaign moves from a target program to a high-touch program, then to an integrated personalized experience campaign. Every account goes into the program receiving the same messaging, but every week 50 accounts are moved into a highly personalized program.

But where do sales stand during this process? Follow Dye’s advice and you’ll already know.

Establish your account based marketing program together

Before anything, Dye joins the leaders of sales and marketing (content, growth, etc.) in an open discussion about any of sales’ asks. Here, sales has the opportunity to directly ask for specific content or express their concerns in the upcoming campaign.

This kind of communication is essential in creating a campaign that both sides are prepared to commit to over the course of this extended program. At Terminus, they keep sales highly involved in the entire process. Through weekly conversations with the whole SDR team, Dye personally speaks with them about the results of the past week and what’s coming next.

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