Find the ‘secret sauce’ for growing your marketing team

Have you discovered your company’s ‘secret sauce’ for growing your marketing team? According to Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift, that’s a trick question.

As marketers, if you feel like you’ve got it all figured out, that means the competition has the upper hand to find the next new solution. In any case, that didn’t stop him or Richard Carreon, Director of Corporate Marketing at PebblePost, from sharing what they’ve found to be the most successful strategies for growing their marketing on this week’s episode of the ScaleUp Valley Podcast.

These 2 panellists were joined by Dave Dabbah, VP of Marketing at, as our moderator and, of course, Ryan Foland as our host. Everybody was eager to share what they find to be the ‘secret sauce’ to growing your team’s marketing.

It’s all about the brand

Gerhardt has been with Drift since the start and watched it grow into a business with over 150,000 users today. But, according to him, the marketing focus has been the same since day one.

Because of the copycat nature of the industry, there’s a lot of marketing noise to reckon with in order to reach potential customers. That’s why the biggest mission that Gerhardt had from the start was to put all the focus on the brand.

When people hear brand, they think it means your logo or how your website looks. But the brand is really much more about how people feel about your brand. And the way you create this feeling is through content, more specifically for Drift: videos, podcasts, emails, and the tone that they do it all.

Drift believes that they have to stand out by getting people to like the brand without ever even knowing or maybe even caring what the product does. With all of the competition today, 99% of the features are the same — what you can win with is brand.

So that’s Drift’s ‘secret sauce’ for growing their marketing, what about PebblePost?

Original research that will bring you qualified leads

Carreon was excited to share a recent PebblePost success that was achieved through an original research study with Murphey research. Really honing in their study on a topic that would attract their ideal customer personas, they saw amazing results that they were able to augment with a full-on integrated marketing campaign.

They launched the study on email, web, press, content, even with SEO strategies — through every channel that they reach potential customers. And they were thrilled not just to be getting inbound leads but noted that all of those inbound leads fit into their ICP.

So there’s the ‘secret sauce’ for growing marketing from these two companies! But, of course, they both had a lot more wisdom to part, which you can discover by listening to the rest of the episode.

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