An entrepreneur from day one, the VP of EMEA at Talkdesk talks about his role in helping grow this scaleup

A globe with the map representing Talkdesk growth as a scaleup.

After growing up and studying in Johannesburg, South Africa, Teon Rosandic immediately started his own technology company. A true entrepreneur since day one. He is always been looking for opportunities to build businesses and support their growth. Both on the company level and within the individuals.

He later sold the company and moved to the UK to work with various technology companies including Genesis and xMatters. These experiences prepared him to move back to a scaleup to assume his current role as Vice President of EMEA at Talkdesk.

On this episode of the ScaleUp Valley podcast, our co-founder Mike Dias, sits with Rosandic to discuss his role in growing Talkdesk and what it’s like expanding into the EMEA market. For the whole story, you’ll have to check out the full episode. But here are a few highlights from their discussion.

Why this scaleup?

According to Rosandic, Talkdesk is a very special company that is on a hyper-growth cycle. With over 500 employees, exciting things are happening for this cloud-based contact center and AI software provider.

What makes them so special? The growth trajectory of the company for one. While they functionalities of their product isn’t what necessarily sets them apart, it’s how well their product works, its elegance, and its ease of use that Rosandic lists as its key differences. They provide information in the cloud, but they are the new, fresh version of that.

This scaleup is also built to be scalable and has a customer-centric focus, making it adaptable to fit in the ecosystems that the Talkdesk team operates in. So why did Rosandic join?

He says, “Why did I join? Who wouldn’t join a very special company that’s growing at a phenomenal rate!”. Genesis — where he was working at the time — had been established 30 years before. Despite the amazing opportunity that it was, he was looking to join a company with high-trajectory growth.

He knew the market from Genesis and the challenges in Europe. So, combining that with a high-growth scaleup and his entrepreneurial background, Talkdesk was the perfect combination.


According to Rosandic, Europe is a strategic move for Talkdesk. They had a lot of success across the world and specifically in the US. Talkdesk has previously had operations in Portugal. But EMEA really remains an untapped market.

With the awareness that there are already quite a few vendors in the market, they need to get in the fight. As always, there will be a window of opportunity where they can become a part of it, and in a few years, Europe will be a very different place for their industry. So, they need to get in the game now if they want to operate with a global vision.

There’s a lot more to the story, and much more interesting points about growing Talkdesk, that you can hear by listening to the whole episode. Then, keep listening and keep scaling. If you want to know more about ScaleUp Valley initiatives, calendar and purpose, join our community by subscribing to the ScaleUp Valley newsletter.