How to take intelligent risks: scaleup lessons from the CEO of Wibbitz

scaling up

Scaling up a company takes a long time. This is something that you learn the hard way, grinding it out for 5, 10, 15 years or more on the journey of growth. 

Something that I’ve learned working with CEOs and leadership teams through every point of this journey is how to spot a looming bottleneck that could make the growth process that much slower

This is something that I was lucky enough to discuss with Zohar Dayan, CEO of Wibbitz, on a recent episode of ScaleUp Valley podcast. How does he prevent bottlenecks from cropping up when scaling up? What if it’s the leadership team, or even himself, who’s causing it?

Here are the key takeaways that he shared from his 9 years of experience founding and scaling up Wibbitz. Listen to the full episode wherever you listen to podcasts by clicking here or read my highlights below!

Learn how to take a step back while scaling up

Dayan was basically born to be a CEO. After growing up in New York City, he moved to Israel with his family and quickly became excited by the rich tech ecosystem there. Throughout middle and high school he was already starting his own businesses, up until he joined the Israeli army at age 18. 

His army experience taught him a lot about leadership, which he was eager to put into practice – so eager that he founded Wibbitz during his last year of college. 9 years later, and he’s still proudly leading the company on its scale up journey. 

Throughout this time, Dayan discovered that one of his greatest challenges in the role of CEO, especially as someone who likes to be hands on, is to learn when to take a few steps back. This is crucial for preventing you from becoming the bottleneck of the company. 

“As the CEO, throughout every stage of the evolution of the company, you need to be taking steps back – all of the time. And in order to do that, you need to be able to trust the teams and the leaders that you have across the different parts of the company.”

So how does Dayan prep leadership to take on responsibilities without his constant guidance? How does he teach them not to bottleneck their own teams? His big secret may just help you do the same with your leadership team. 

Get your leadership team thinking like CEOs

Dayan asks his leadership to take a more global view of the company by thinking as if they were the CEO – because, in many ways, they are the CEO of their specific side of the business. 

This is amazing advice because a great VP is not someone who only owns their own function in the company. What takes a VP to the next level is when they understand the company as a whole and complete business. 

For this reason, transparency, something that Wibbitz values above all, makes for better leadership that can understand the big picture and take more intelligent risks. 

Dayan had a lot more to share than just that. Listen to the full episode to get all of the details. 

Then keep listening and keep scaling.

Mike Dias