Our mission is to help growth companies scale faster!

Imagine a flock of birds flying in a V-formation, traveling thousands of miles together against the resistance of the wind. Have you ever wondered why they do this and how this could possibly be relevant to your business?

This is the idea behind ScaleUp Valley. Mike, Mary and Andrew believe that alignment is the most efficient way to fly, and a strategy your team can also employ as it tackles challenges. But, unfortunately, teams sometimes get out of alignment; infighting develops, frustrations flare, and projects get derailed.
The brilliance of the V-formation is that synchronized movements allow each bird to ride the windbreak of the other birds in front of them. or in the case of your team, people work together, leveraging each individual’s unique skills, to move efficiently towards a common goal.

ScaleUp Valley can help you to get your disgruntled teams back in alignment.

Meet our Founders

Mike Dias

I'm kindly called by my friends as the ``CEO of CEOs``! I am an entrepreneur, and activist on a mission to raise consciousness that scaling up is truly again the odds.
I founded Scale up Valley in 2013 with the goal of bringing together the world’s top tech scale up leaders, to usher in a new era for scale ups leaders that is more empowered, connected, and collaborative than the status quo. During the last 10+ years, I had the privilege to partner with 300+ venture backed CEOs and to work closely with 50+ and their leadership teams to help them scale from 3 to 100M ARR.
I am constantly traveling around the world, meeting brilliant minds, speaking at conferences and helping scale ups to beat the odds!

Mary Menezes

Mary is the finance, logistics and marketing face of ScaleUp Valley. With a career propelled by experience, Mary combined her serial entrepreneur and founder experiences
with the roles of event organizer, marketing and public relations manager in organizations of different activity sectors. Today, she is who makes processes and logistics work in ScaleUp Valley, providing solutions and answers to the daily challenges of this global company.

Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong is co-founder of ScaleUp Valley and also Co-Founder and Growth Strategist for E3Hubs - Asia. He is an angel investor, entrepreneur and a creative innovator. At E3Hubs, Andrew is passionate about entrepreneurship, and as a coach, mentor and entrepreneur has worked with more than 5,000 startups in the last 12 years. Today he is leading the ScaleUp Valley presence in Asia, establishing contacts and relations that allows the project to keep scaling in this region.