Four axes in one methodology to
develop leadership management
and attain stunning growth with ScaleUp Valley.

Why the Gazelles methodology?

We started this journey learning with Verne Harnish, “The Growth Guy”, who is responsible for creating the Gazelles methodology. ScaleUp Valley is now certified to help companies, especially venture-backed businesses, to scaleup and develop leadership with this framework.


– Do we have a clear strategy?
– Do we have goals established for the short and long-term?
– What are the goals for the different levels of your company (organisation, team, individual)?


– Do we have the right people to drive the defined strategy?
– How are we structuring each team to accomplish the KPI established?
– Does everyone feel motivated and connected with their roles?


– What is the best method for keeping everyone on the same page and working to attain the defined goals?
– Can we refine our communication and meeting routines to guarantee the best alignment between different levels?
– Are the established processes for each KPI working?


– How are we distributing cash alonside the strategy?
– Is the pricing correctly established for every single product?
– Is this the correct balance of cash application or do we need to reorganize priorities?

ScaleUp Valley Products

The purpose of leadership development requires continuous learning and critical decisions. That´s why ScaleUp Valley provides different solutions to help companies reach their maximum potential growth.

1. ScaleUp Valley Workshop



Lack of alignment, slow execution and undefined culture are just three of the symptoms of a fast-growth company that can develop and improve leadership management.


The ScaleUp Valley Workshops provide a clear diagnosis of your company leadership challenges and brings actionable solutions to the table. In these sessions, we make sure that everyone gets the necessary strategy, concepts and core values to put the company on the growth track.
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2. ScaleUp Valley Leadership Programs



Excellent leadership is based on clear reporting, accountability and communication processes. The implementation and effects depend on the context of each company and that´s why Leadership Programs are important.


The ScaleUp Valley Leadership Programs have a flexible structure in terms of topic (specialized or transversal) and time (3, 6, 9, 12 months or more). The programs combine continuous online learning with presencial workshops to analyse results and progress.
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Audience Profile

Companies with more than 100 employees
Organisations that are typically on a Post Series B Stage and scaling up
Businesses that are, typically, working to raise revenues from $10M to $100M.

10 outcomes of the Gazelles approach

✓ Get your leadership team focused, excited and aligned
Perfect articulation of the strategy in the different levels
Increase the speed of execution
Get a clear vision of the goals and priorities
Deliver 100% of 90 days goals consistently
Establish the right communication flow, rhythm and feedback processes between different organisation levels
Accountability of each person clearly defined and attached to goals and KPIs
Feel the core values of the culture alive in the company
Company plans and performance are transparent for everyone
Establish a routine for an accurate reporting and analysis of the customer feedback.