Scale up Program


Scale up Valley helps the business leaders develop and drive their vision through the executive team via our proven process. We help facilitate an inclusive and structured growth process to get maximum personal engagement from everyone supporting the leader. Identifies impediments to growth, and overcomes them.
The Scale up program focuses on the four major decisions every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash — a series of Scale up Tools including our secret sauce – the Scale up Habits Checklist. 


– Do we have a clear strategy?
– Do we have goals established for the short and long-term?
– What are the goals for the different levels of your company (organisation, team, individual)?


– Do we have the right people to drive the defined strategy?
– How are we structuring each team to accomplish the KPI established?
– Does everyone feel motivated and connected with their roles?


– What is the best method for keeping everyone on the same page and working to attain the defined goals?
– Can we refine our communication and meeting routines to guarantee the best alignment between different levels?
– Are the established processes for each KPI working?


– How are we distributing cash alonside the strategy?
– Is the pricing correctly established for every single product?
– Is this the correct balance of cash application or do we need to reorganize priorities?

Our Secret Sauce

Mastering the Scale up Habits


The Scale up Habits are essentially 10 key habits that provide the best framework to build a $100 million SaaS business by scaling T2D3 – Triple twice, double three times!

These habits checklist has amassed recognition across the world for its power to scale businesses. The habits, which are based on pillars of priorities, data and rhythm, give companies the discipline to execute, while staying agile and focused on strategy.

1. Get your leadership team focused, excited and aligned
2. Perfect articulation of the strategy in the different levels
3. Increase the speed of execution
4. Get a clear vision of the goals and priorities
5. Deliver 100% of 90 days goals consistently
6. Establish the right communication flow, rhythm and feedback processes between different organisation levels
7. Accountability of each person clearly defined and attached to goals and KPIs
8. Feel the core values of the culture alive in the company
9. Company plans and performance are transparent for everyone
10. Establish a routine for an accurate reporting and analysis of the customer feedback

Time Well Spent


Time spent with a business leader who will guide you in the roles of confidant, co-architect and conductor.

  • Your leadership competencies will grow and sharpen.
  • Your company will free itself from the drama and chaos of growth.
  • You will spend much more time ON the business instead of IN the business.
  • Your team will feel empowered and productive.
This program moves you – the CEO – into your ideal role of working on the strategic and innovative parts of the business, and not working IN the business.
*Client’s office/off-site

**Scale up Valley’s virtual room