How to Scale Engineering Teams with Talkdesk, Aptoide and Uniplaces

By April 23, 2018 ScaleUp

How to Scale Engineering Teams with Talkdesk, Aptoide and Uniplaces

Ep.3 of ScaleUp Heroes | #Topic: Scaling Engineering Teams

“We bring the best minds with the best real-life experiences when it comes to scaling up businesses. These are the heroes who took on the difficult odds and lived to tell the tale”

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Host: Randy Cantrell
Moderator: Pedro Torres, Director of Engineering at Talkdesk
Panelist: Ana Lara Simões, Head of Android Team at Aptoide
Panelist: Miguel Loureiro, Head of Technology at Uniplaces

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Cross-functional teams develop, prototype, beta test and market products in a single unit. Engineering scale-ups tend to have a preference for vertical teams It is easy to liaise, engineers, API experts and quality assurance testers when benchmarks are set and they are a unilateral agreement on what the priorities of a project.

Certain scales do tend to deviate from this. They prefer a vertical business model with a horizontal tech team that prefers autonomy over the scope of work.

Two mainstream team structures are the AGILE and the SCRUM team. Either option is fine but it depends on Team Dynamics.

When dealing with remote engineering teams, it’s always a good idea to have them spend time at Headquarters, to touch base with the team and cement the corporate culture. Remote talents are a good idea for reaching into a larger talent pool/. However, being distant for extended periods of time leads to demotivation.

Attracting talent to work in the city of your base of operations is highly dependent on how cosmopolitan it is. The quality of life, exposure to art etc.

There is also an increasing trend in major tech companies to initiate hiring freezes when profits soar. This rhetoric was initially introduced by David Heinemeier Hansson, the inventor of Ruby on Rails. This sentiment is gaining widespread acceptance. Increasing profits are prompting Tech companies to scale with ingenuity, as opposed the sheer brute force of hiring more people.

Tech companies are also valuing their internal corporate culture and prefer not to threaten it with mass hires. That being said, the culture will change but the core values of the company should be maintained across the board.

Communication cannot be sacrificed on the altar of growth. The moment decision making and general trajectories are projected in a silo, you are headed for disaster. The sense of belonging must be maintained.

Engineers are expected to act independently and be creative at problem-solving. Engineers should also learn to take risks with creativity, but also maintain a risk-averse product.

Another phenomenon is talent retention. Inculcating the mission and vision for the quarter is very important. Having the team buy into the dream is the best way of retaining talent.

Branching out to other locations is the best way to engage with more talent and create diversity.