It is better not to hire than to do a bad hire in scaling companies

By January 12, 2019 ScaleUp

Key factors for talent acquisition and recruitment in 2019

Scaling companies will always face trials in talent acquisition and recruitment. Every human resources leader knows that acquiring talents for a scaling organization requires expertise, influence, focus, strategic planning and gut feeling to achieve the hiring goals.

Here are five key factors to consider related to talent acquisition and recruitment in a scaling organization. These tips were shared in the last ScaleUp Heroes Podcast episode by Penny Farinha, VP of Human Resources at ecobee, and Vessela Krissel, Head of Human Resources at simplesurance, in a conversation moderated by Miguel Dias, CEO at ScaleUp Academy.

1. Recognise the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition

Recruitment and talent acquisition are two different things often thought as similar to each other. Recruitment is often used to describe the concept of just filling job posts in general. Talent acquisition, on the other hand, requires a strategy to find appropriate candidates with specific skill sets for certain roles.

2. It is better not to hire than to do a bad hire

When acquiring talents for a scaling organization, hiring the right people is crucial. It is not just getting professionals to do the job. Find out if this person fits well with what your organization stands for. Do not get side-tracked with a potential hire’s overflowing resumé brimming with awards and job experiences. Take time to assess what this person can bring to the company and if they exhibit all the core values of your company. If the person only has a couple or few checkmarks on what your organization is looking for, it is better to not hire that candidate and just keep looking until you eventually find one that fits all your criteria.

3. Define a direction for the company and build a strategy around it

Knowing which direction your organization wants to go is equally important in making sure talent acquisition and recruitment are aligned with your company’s roadmap. If your company wants to focus on doubling or tripling hires in a short period of time, expect the selection of good talents to be compromised. It is hard to find the right talent to fill a good number of job vacancies in a scaling environment over a short duration, especially if the HR department does not have unlimited funds to spend on this.

4. Build a good foundation with new hires

Never underestimate having a good foundation during the talent acquisition. The start of a relationship between an employee and the company starts during the hiring process.

5. Focus on the personal growth of the employees

Developing people into experts is one of the most important things to do in a company and not promoting them into leadership positions because not everyone can be good at managing people. Often, scaling companies make the mistake of stressing that to be able to grow with the organization, an employee must rise from the ranks. Personal growth for all employees does not necessarily mean the same. Some people just want to develop their skills and be experts in their own fields.

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