Five strategies to launch products that delight customers

By January 26, 2019 ScaleUp

In today’s digital age, communication across the globe has become easier and affordable compared to the way everyone communicated two decades ago. The world’s leading conversational marketing and sales platform Drift has made use of conversational marketing as their business platform and the response is huge. The company defined clear strategies to launch products that delight customers and their easy to use conversational marketing software proves it.

So let´s know more about these five strategies to help launch products that drive demand and delight customers by the testimonial of Daniel J. Murphy, Director of Product Marketing at Drift.

1. Make your product launch more than just one day

When you build excitement and anticipation for your new product, people anticipate the launch and some might be excited enough to wait around for the day you are launching. Remember that not everyone who might be interested in your product launch has the time to wait around for that day. Maybe they have time the following day. Trying to launch products that drive demand and delight customers is also analyse and understand the right timing to do it.

2. Build an army of product evangelists

When creating your content, make sure that it is a shareable content because there will always be someone who will be interested in sharing your content. This, of course, helps bring traffic to your website. More than that, extend gratitude to outside sources or audience that had shared your content. This builds relationships and starts to form an army of evangelists who will continue to patronize and support your products. Remember to be friendly to the right influencers too and establish a relationship, because relevant influencers have loyal followers who listen and follow their recommendations.

3. Make everyone in your company expert on the launch

When you are trying to launch a new product to delight customers, remember that they will ask questions about the product. Things like why they need it, where they can get it, what do they do with it, how much is it, and so on. Prepare ahead a list of FAQ’s and facts, and make sure everyone in your company understands the product and the launch process.

4. Test every channel until you find the right one

There is no rule that says there is only one channel that fits every organization when it comes to having product launches. If a brand you know has launched their new product on social media and received a tremendous response, it is not guaranteed you will be successful in it too. Maybe you are going to do better at holding your product launch at a chosen location, or an advertisement on TV. Test every channel until you find the one that gives you the wanted output.

5. Each launch should have a target customer persona

Every company that launches products to delight customers must know this. When your product hits the market, you already know the customer you are targeting. The same thing goes for product launches. Drift have pinpoints and solutions to determine what roles each of their customer personas undertakes. Gaining feedback from the right target customer will be crucial to how the market will respond to your product after its launch.

According to Drift’s Director of Product Marketing, Daniel Murphy, the five strategies mentioned above have helped launch their products every month that drives demand & delights their customers. This is the secret to their successful product launches.

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