Scaling up your field marketing with BuildingConnected’s four key questions

By April 3, 2019 Marketing, ScaleUp

People often confuse field marketing as only event marketing or don’t often understand the difference, but Michaela Alexander, formally the Strategic Field Marketing Manager for InVision,  urges people “Imagine that field marketing function is to find those right places and right times to create opportunity for your sales team both on and offline, then set your teams up to give them the opportunity to make the most impact”.

“The most important requirements for major success: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it”. This quote from Ray Kroc is what Michaela Alexander, the Director of Partner Marketing at BuildingConnected, keeps in mind when she thinks about field marketing.

Alexander expounded further upon this idea, and more about scaling up field marketing, within a recent ScaleUp Valley online talk. Her presentation included a detailed breakdown of four key questions that your team should ask themselves whenever they develop new programs.

The Four Key Questions for developing successful field marketing programs

Because field marketing can be made up of a variety of programs, Alexander makes sure to ask both her team and her entire company these four questions throughout the program development process.

1: What are the problems that your team is trying to solve?

Depending on what part of the scaleup process your company is in, this could be about revenue, brand awareness, or even customer engagement. How can your field marketing help solve these problems?

She gives the example of her east coast sales team having a lot in the pipeline but not many potential customers on the brink of buying. With her west coast team seeing the reverse. Knowing the problems that could arise with both of those scenarios, she can build specific programs for both the east and west coast teams respectively.

2: Who is the audience?

Are you trying to provide experiences for your current paying customers? Or are you more focused on potential customers? This could also include key industry leaders or partner companies, and it’s always different depending on the kind of program that you’re running.

3: What’s your positioning?

This key question is about establishing what you want your audience to remember or take away from your program. It can also help to focus on how you want them to feel leaving your field experience.

For example, with BuildingConnected Alexander is aware that they have the largest network for the construction industry, so they can position their programs surrounding this.

And finally…

4: Where will we have the most impact?

This is where the question of data and results comes into the picture. How are your programs actually going to further the goals of the company and can you measure it? Alexander also suggests that you think about working with the strongest advocates or focus on which specific areas you’d like to see results. Then, you direct programs to those spaces.

If you put your focus on these four questions, your programs will be more effective in driving results through field marketing. Learn more about this and other Scaleup Valley panels by subscribing to the ScaleUp Valley newsletter.

Then, keep scaling!