From account management to outcomes-driven: BetterCloud’s journey scaling up their customer success team

When Kristi Faltorusso joined as the Vice President of Customer Success at BetterCloud last year, she was ready to make some big changes to the structuring of her department.

Entering in an account management focused space, Kristi Faltorusso didn’t feel that they were providing great support for their customers. After an important discussion with executive management, she was ready to transition the team into a customer success driven mentality.

On this episode of the ScaleUp Valley podcast, we hear about BetterCloud’s journey from account management to customer success. We will also know exactly how they made it happen. Faltorusso is joined by Rachel Ruggieri, the Senior Director of Customer Success with Bizzabo, as our moderator and, as always, Ryan Foland as our host.

Not “Does the product do what you need it to do?” But “Do you know how to use the product to do what you need to do?”

First things first, what’s the difference between account management and customer success? According to Faltorusso, this was something that their team needed to define when she first arrived on the job.

On a basic level, account management is generally focused on whether or not the product solves a problem. Once that question is answered, the job more or less becomes ensuring that they renew their contract and offering new features to continue the commercial relationship with customers.

Unlike account management, customer success is much less commercial. Under this structure, the team is much focused on ensuring that clients are using tools in the best way. So rather than focusing on upselling, they are concerned with teaching clients how to use the product to succeed.

It’s a big transition between the two, so how did BetterCloud do it?

BetterCloud’s journey from account management to customer success

When Faltorusso came into her role, she was thrilled to see that the technical team had such a solid reputation for providing high-quality technical support. So much so that she wished her team had the same reputation.

So, after some restructuring and redefining, they decided to take their account management style structure. They turn it into a pure customer success team. This meant passing the sales duties of upselling back over to the sales team. This change allows customer success to focus on customer engagement and support.

It also meant altering how they distribute engagement to their various clients. They distributed it into four segments: top tier, enterprise, corporate, and their emerging clients. Rather than focus on revenue, they did it this way because it aligns with the way that they sell to companies. Because they sell on a per-seat basis, they wanted to organize customers this way as well. This approach helps them keep track of how many resources they need.

Of course, that’s not all she shared about this new structure. But for the rest of the story, you’ll have to check out the whole episode!

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