Scaling marketing: peer learning with the hyper-growth masters at


From our years working with some of the fastest growing companies around the world, we’ve learned a lot about how to help startups achieve their goals when scaling marketing, product, engineering, and more. One tactic that has never let us down is our focus on peer to peer learning. 

Sitting down with others who have been through the same challenges you’re experiencing – but have come out the other side – can completely change your company’s perspective on how you’re making choices, setting goals, and achieving growth. 

That’s why we make this a priority within the ScaleUp Valley program. For example, we recently set up a private session for Unbabel’s marketing team with a company that has experienced and managed many of the same challenges and has persevered through them:

Read on for some highlights from the session, including some tips on how you can scale your marketing team. 

From 50 to over 400

During what can only be described as a hyper-growth stage for, one of the world’s fastest growing real-time communication providers, the company has seen their organization change before their eyes. 

In under 3 years, they’ve grown from 50 to over 400 employees. Locking in their Series C round at the end of 2018, the company has brought in a total of $125 million in funding. 

Back in 2017, Dave Dabbah was originally brought on as Interim CMO Consultant. Now, he is Vice President of marketing, supervising the team as this sector of the company undergoes major changes due to their achievements. 

With his experience scaling marketing, Dabbah imparted his thoughts on the different focuses within the marketing team during each funding round, building a solid growth infrastructure that helps you meet your goals, and their secret to success: their customers’ customers. 

Scaling marketing for your customers’ customers

Technology has changed the way we all communicate, for every generation. What this means for a company like is that the end users of their products and solutions go from infants to grandparents. 

scaling marketing presentation, attributed to Dave Dabbah

As a B2B business, their product reaches way more than just their customers – meaning that they have a much broader base of people to market to than it may seem. Keeping this attitude in the mind, they’ve managed to broaden their horizons and discover a significantly larger market opportunity for their goods and services across different verticals and regions. 

From there, they’ve built a regional implementation strategy that helps them reach new verticals and locations and ensure that they continue to see the same hyper-growth.

“You have to have the infrastructure in place to at least have the building blocks that you need to grow your organization really quickly.”

– Dave Dabbah, VP of Marketing,

This session helped Unbabel face their own challenges through the eyes of someone who has experienced them before, which is crucial for successfully scaling marketing and all other facets of your company. The best part is: this sessions was customized to be completely relevant to their organization.

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