Navigating the uncharted waters of scaling up with help from Co-Founder & Partner at Isomer Capital 

When working with some of the top CEOs across the world scale up their businesses, we like to give our clients the most comprehensive idea of the scale up experience. Moreover, we’d like to do the same for our audience. Which is why we’re bringing you another investor interview, this time with Chris Wade, Co-Founder and Partner at Isomer Capital

In addition to investing in – what Wade considers – a network of businesses across Europe, Isomer Capital has also added more value to their company by building relationships with other VCs around the world. Within these symbiotic relationships, Isomer has access to useful data and learnings in exchange for providing other VCs with extra support in their own investments when needed.

Their model intends to give VCs the maximum chance to find success with their companies and provides Isomer Capital with an interesting perspective on the investor-to-business relationship that Wade was happy to share. When asked how they choose which companies and VCs to work with, Wade admitted that the process is surprisingly similar. 

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As an investor or a company: How are you going to win?

Despite the differences between the kinds of relationships, Wade confessed that the criteria, metrics, and components that they use for determining their future partners – both companies and other VCs – are all based around one central question: how are you going to win?

If it’s a fund, Isomer trusts that you’re going to excite, motivate, and provide inspiration to the very best entrepreneurs in Europe. Because without the best, you won’t get the return you’re looking for. How are you going to win the best talent?

If it’s a company, it’s about the sector, product, or technology that the company has choosen to be in. How will the company win in that sector?

That has been Isomer Capital’s key to picking the best partners. Then, the next step is navigating through the struggles that, according to Wade, will always be apart of the growth process. 

Find a way through the rocks to be successful

For Wade, the unofficial motto of Isomer Capital is just that: to find a way through the rocks to be successful. It’s no secret that scaling up comes with its challenges and to ignore that fact is counterproductive. 

The way he put it was, “The road to success for a VC or for a company is completely uncharted. You are trying to do something new, something imaginative. And you just don’t know what obstacles are going to be in the way.” 

More than an explanation of the obstacles that stall growth, what Isomer wants to hear from the leadership teams is this critical point: here’s what we’re going to do next. If that’s the kind of value your team is providing, then you know that you’re working with the right people. 

Wade shared a lot more about the investor-to-business relationship and what it takes to build a healthy one. If you’d like to hear more, listen to the whole episode here.

Then keep listening and keep scaling!

Mike Dias