Challenging the status quo of scaling up with the CEO at Perx Technologies

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CEO Interview: Anna Gong proudly sees Perx Technologies as a pioneer of B2B in the Asian ecosystem. And what better person to have as their CEO and leader than the maverick herself. 

The way she puts it: she’s addicted to risk-taking. Her passion for challenging the status quo happens to be perfect for the startup – and better yet scale up – environment. 

It’s no surprise then that she’s now guiding Perx fearlessly into global high-growth, having recently received their Series B from a melange of investors. Namely, Eduardo Saverin, CO-Founder of Facebook, Goldengate Ventures, Line Ventures and more. 

I was lucky enough to speak with her on a recent episode of the ScaleUp Valley podcast, as a part of our CEO interview series. She shared with us her frameworks for scaling up, including a few exciting announcements that you’ll have to read on – or listen to the whole episode – to discover for yourself! 

Bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and Asia

When Gong first started her career in Silicon Valley, she quickly surrounded herself with startups. In those early days, she worked for four different startups across the Bay Area, one of which exited successfully to CA Technologies. Then, when offered the opportunity to propel to Asia, she eagerly moved out to Japan to run acquisition at another growing company. 

A later move brought her to Singapore, the home of Perx Technologies. 

Though she’s always been a daredevil when it comes to risk-taking in both drastically different ecosystems,  she confessed that she’s made some mistakes when adjusting between the two mindsets of Silicon Valley and Asia. More specifically, she’s found that the discrepancies in culture pose a challenge when it comes to hiring.

She admitted, “I’ve hired poorly in the past. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But you learn from those mistakes, and you right course your mistakes. I will probably continue to make a lot of mistakes but hopefully those micro-mistakes will get smaller and smaller.”

And they surely seem to be, as Perx only continues to make ground in Asia, holding up to their image as pioneers of their market. 

Big firsts in Asia 

Along with opening up the B2B marketplace in Asia, Perx is challenging the status quo in a few exciting ways. Full of enthusiasm, Gong announced a big development for the team that hasn’t yet been released anywhere else…

Not only is Perx rolling out a self-service platform, they’re open sourcing their product and framework – a first in the Asian market. 

And we were thrilled to be the first to get the scoop, including more insight into how the dynamics of the company are changing with these new developments. Looking for a more balanced leadership with specialized management, the team is arming itself for the prospect of growth that lies ahead. 

Hear more about this growth and how they’ve achieved it by listening to the full episode of the podcast here. Plus, discover more CEO interviews with some of the fastest growing companies around the world. 

Then, keep listening and keep scaling!