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Scaling up Program


The scaling up program puts together decades of hands-on experience, the latest tested and trusted cutting-edge management tools including the famous Rockefeller Habits Execution Checklist, and individual 1-on-1  support. It equips your team with the skills, the discipline, and the entrepreneurial passion to grow as fast as possible. 
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More results with less effort by developing organizational accountability and alignment.


Discover future GROWTH opportunities and set clear targets.


See revenues and reputation increasing as you deliver 100% of what you promise to the market.

What do our clients say?

“It has been an excellent program that allowed me to work on the top priorities of the company, and think about how to transform them in tactical and operations challenges for our team.”

Xavier RuizHead of Sales at Signaturit

“Mike’s strong personality and his approach to directly jump into the scaling topic was super impressive. I was fascinated by how the Rockefeller Habits are so relevant for scaleup leaders, as they are for corporate leaders. It helps to drive focus, alignment and accountability so we all can grow much faster in a larger scale. I would definitely recommend you to collaborate with Mike and his team if you are a scaleup leader or a corporate leader who wants to scale!”

Martin JaegerHead of Institutional Investors at Innogy

“Big thanks to Scaleup Valley for running the scaling up program with our management team. If you’re looking to scale your biz and to bring it to the next level, do check them out!”

Mark KohCo-founder & CEO at Supahands

“The best way to be sure that we keep safe the company goals and culture while you are growing your scaleup is to establish a process where you can track and measure if your team is aligned with your vision. Scaling up methodology provides you and your team all the tools to ensure that you are growing in the same direction.”

Juan ZamoraCEO at Signaturit

“The Supahands team found the scaling up program incredibly useful. I would recommend this to anyone scaling their business.”

Greg MeehanHead of Sales at Supahands

“The scaling up program made us stop zooming-in too much and work on the high-level business priorities, this means to focus on the priority number 1.”

Paolo RaffinProduct Manager at Hostmaker

“I was impressed by how the 10 Rockefeller Habits could actually help scaleup leaders and corporate innovators to keep on track. They help to drive focus, alignment and accountability so the innovation can grow on a larger scale.”

Carlos SamameFormer Head of Acceleration at Wayra UK

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